August 25th, 2011

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Top!Kurt, preferably Kurt/Blaine.

Hello guys! I'm looking for any and all fics where Kurt tops. Mainly, I want to read Kurt/Blaine, but if there's a fic that's just so insanely hot, that's not Klaine, well, I'll take it.

Thanks in advance! :D

Mods: I placed this in both the "kink" theme and the "other" theme tags. I hope it's okay!

Warblers/New Directions Find Out About Kiss and Death Threat

Hey everybody!

I'm looking for one specific fic and then any recs that anyone has to do with this theme. I don't remember a whole lot in the fic, but what really sticks out is someone (I think Finn) tells the Warblers about the death threat and Blaine says something like "Bullying. We heard he transferred because of bullying." He, and the rest of the Warblers, were in shock cause this was the first they had heard of the death threat. Then I think Blaine tells everyone about the kiss in the locker room and (I'm pretty sure its Finn) flips out because he knew nothing of the kiss.

And then if anyone knows any recs where the Warblers or New Directions find out about the kiss and/or death threat, I would love to read them! I am a sucker for hurt/comfort focused around Kurt, and this is just a perfect opportunity for plenty of both! Any paring is fine, as are gen fics. Any recs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help. And as always mods, I hope that I tagged correctly and if not, please let me know so I can fix them.
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Klaine Defy Stereotypes

i've gone through the tags, and I still can't find the story I'm looking for. One day at school, Kurt shows up limping. All the football players and glee guys keep patting Blaine on the back and congratulating him. He can't figure out why. Meanwhile everyone is wolf whistling at Kurt.

Everyone thinks they've finally had sex. In reality, Kurt hurt himself doing a cheerleading stunt. They've been having sex for a while. Kurt tops.

Thanks! I promise I'll bookmark it this time.
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Looking for a specific teacher!Au

A friend and I are looking for a teacher Blaine fic, and I hope we aren't mixing up two different fics....

Blaine is a Literature professor, and Kurt is his star pupil. The names of several books that they analysed were mentioned in the fic. Blaine doesn't really notice Kurt until he comes to argue his grade, then he keeps a safe distance for a while before Kurt wears seductive clothing and puts on such moves that Blaine can't ignore him.

I think it might be a book about the importance of words and Kurt asking Blaine to use his body to write on it?? I also seem to remember a companion piece from Blaine's POV and that I probably read it on fanfiction and not on lj (although I will have found it via an lj rec).

Any ideas? I feel it should be somewhere in my memories, but I cannot find it.

Thanks so much in advance :D

ETA: FOUND. Links in comments. Thanks again <3

Kurt Success

Hey, so I'm looking for any fics where Kurt is still in high school, and he gets discovered. It can be broadway, acting, dancing, modeling, anything. Or even if someone just recognizes that the glee club takes advantage of his talent.

Bonus if there are no pairings, but Klaine if there is one!!

Thanks in advance!!