August 22nd, 2011

Chris Is The Favorite

Hey so I'm looking for any rpf where Chris is the favorite.  It can be anything from because he got a golden globe, and the actors are jealous, or the other guys are jealous because the girls are always all over him.  Or where he is Jane and Ryan's favorite, anything where people love him, or the cast is jealous. 

I'll take any pairing, as long as the main focus is Chris!

Thanks in advance!
  • katej17

Future Klaine

Hey everyone! I am trying to find a one shot fic that revolved around the twitters of both Kurt and Blaine from a young followers point of view (I think they were around 12 maybe). I can't find it anywhere so thanks in advance!! 

Kurt´s love for cars

hi everybody!! i came here looking for your great wisdom jeje

 i am looking for fics in which Kurt love cars. No fic in which he works in the garage but doesn´t realy like cars and get dirty there. I ask for fics in which he collects miniature cars and show the glee club his love for the cars,or loves to pass time in the garage repairing cars and somethings like that although thats not necessary jeje
Any pair is ok for me
thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
i hope the tags are ok this time XD!!!