August 21st, 2011

Blue Rose by My Utopia

The Glee Project RPF fic?

I hope this is appropriate but it is Glee related :) I'm looking for any and all RPF based on The Glee Project. I'd be interested in anything at all, but if anyone knows of any fic with Samuel, I'm maybe a little more interested, but only in the "So reading it first" way, not in a preference way.

Thanks in advance.

Superpowers and Zombie apocalypse AU Glee style?

Hi, fellow Gleeks!

So, I just read Miggy's new fic, where the New Directions lot has super powers/mutants, and I also read a zombie apocalypse one, and I'm totally hooked, so I was just wondering if anyone can rec me fics along similar lines as these ones (Doesn't need to be a Zombie one either!)? No vampire/werewolf ones though, I'm not exactly big on those types of fics.

BONUS, if it's slash, involving Kurt, though as long as he gets some kind of main role, I would read gen! Also, the longer the fic the better! :D

Thanks in advance!

I swear, I WILL get the tags right this time. *Determined face*


An Angsty WIP

I'm looking for a fic, I believe it's a WIP at about 11/14 ish right now.

It's Klaine and about a shooting at McKinley. I lost the link before I could read it so I don't have much else, but if anyone has any idea I would be so very thankful!

LF Wes/Kurt fic

I'm looking for a multi chaptered fic that takes place post Rachel/Blaine kiss (i'm pretty sure, it's that or Gap Attack anywho). Kurt is really upset cause he likes Blaine. He ends up chatting with Wes, who comforts him, and the two of them make out at a time that Blaine will walk in on them as a sort of revenge type moment.

THey don't get together, but become good friends. That was were I stopped reading.

Thanks so much.

And thinking about it, if anybody knows of any other good Wes/Kurt friendship or slash fics, I would love to read those too.

Thanks again. :)

Klaine Fic!

Hi, I'm looking for a Klaine fic which I really loved. It was a five type fic, five times Blaine was warned not to hurt Kurt and one time Kurt was warned.

What really stood out for me was how upset Blaine got with the threats since everything was new to him as well, and that there was no one to stand up for him. At the end of the fic Brittney finds Blaine outside of Kurt's house crying, after explaining to her why he was hurt by everyones threats she then tells Burt, who is then the one to give Kurt the talk.

I hope this was enough info for someone to recognise and maybe know where it is.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!!! :)

P.s. I'm rubbish with tags so sorry if they're wrong, or not enough