August 19th, 2011

listening to AI Jesus

A rachel story

Somehow Rachel ends up in the hospital and while her dad is home picking up some things for his daughter he ends up reading her jounal/diary and findsout about how bad the bulling is and Schue not stopping it. The dad wants to sue schue and the school. i think this is a puck and rachel story tol. Someone please knowe what im talking about or can remember a story about this.

Two Specific Klaine fic searches

1) Kurt transfers to Dalton and joins the Warblers but Blaine convinces him that part of the audition process involves being left in a room blindfolded and one of the other Warblers would have their way with him. This isn't actually true, Blaine did it so he would be able to have sex with Kurt.

2) The other fic is three times that Blaine fantasized about Kurt. The first time was right after he met Kurt, the second after Kurt admitted to trying to watch porn and the third was after Blackbird.

Not entirely sure if I got the tags right, I tried to pick the ones that would fit with this post.

Thanks to anyone who can find these for me!!!