August 11th, 2011

Kurt, Blaine, sex issues, livejournal fill

Accidentally deleted it from my bookmarks :(

From lj meme, angst or kink one; Kurt overheard Puck asking Blaine about their sex life. Blaine tells somerthing like "it was better when we were just friends" because of lack of mentioned sex life. Kurt is hurt and tries to seduce Blaine: wears less clothes etc. Last time I've read it they were making out, Kurt really wanted to sleep with Blaine, but when the boy stated toying with button of Kurt's pants, he "landed on the floor" (Kurt punched him?) It looks like Kurt really have issues (rape?)

Relative fresh story I think, but I checked like ten pages of both memes and I can't find it :(

Found! Thank you so much!