August 7th, 2011

Misunderstood PucKurt

 Hi! I'm new on LJ and gleefinders, so I kinda want to find this PucKurt fic. I think the fic is from a neighbor's POV, and she/he heard a feminine voice (Kurt) screaming, "No! Ah! No! Ah!" And the lady thought someone was raping her neighbor! So she called the police and they came to Kurt's house, and when they were there, Puck explained that it must be a mistake because no one was raping anyone in the house. Later on, the police found out that Puck's name was "Noah", and Puck and Kurt were, obviously, having sex and Kurt screamed out his name.

So yeah.

Please help?

P/S: I'm not sure what is the theme of this fic is, so sorry!
Blaine bow tie

Kurt/jealous!Blaine - Kurt sings U + Ur Hand to Kurofsky- FOUND!!

I am looking for a fic I read where Kurt and Blaine are at McKinley and Kurofsky won't get the hint to stop hitting on Kurt. Kurt sings P!nk's U + Ur Hand to Kurofsky in Glee (Kurofsky is now a member) and embarrasses him while getting his message across.

Can you help?

(this is my first time posting here so if I over tagged, please let me know!)
KeepCalm|TotallyAwesome by debris_k

Werewolf!Puck fic recs

Since puckingawesome recently finished Scent (Puck/Kurt, R?) I've been remembering seeing other werewolf!Puck fics around that I skipped over at the time and I'm hoping you could rec me some now that I feel like getting hooked one them. ;-)

I'd appreciate it if you could mention the pairing (if applicable) and if a fic is a WIP. Thank you bunches in advance!

ETA: Just a reminder that Bitten by emocezi (Puck/Kurt, R) is still where it was. :-)