August 2nd, 2011

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Puckurt angry grinding?

I'm looking for a certain fic. It had Puck and Kurt getting into a real physical fight in the hallways/locker room. I think they ended up on the floor and Puck started grinding against Kurt and Kurt reciprocated, but it seemed like he wasn't too happy about it at first. Might have been a fill at the Kink Meme.

Also, any hatesex recs with Kurt and anyone would be awesome.

EDIT: Found, it's English Homework by Looney4mooney816.

Still looking for hatesex recs!

Kurt/Blaine first time

 I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. It was a one shot if I remember correctly and basically the boys were making out and Kurt admitted to Blaine that he'd never had an orgasm. I remember Blaine's reaction was something like "oh... wow" and Kurt got very upset at his response, but in the end, Blaine gave Kurt his first orgasm by just palming him through his trousers I think. They didn't get naked. I remember the fic so well I just don't remember where I read it!!!
Haruka, Tactics, Kantaro

Warblers see Time Warp video

 Hello Gleefinders! > _ < This is my first post ever and I will try very hard to keep up with the rules.
So I'm looking for a fanfic where the Warblers or Blaine sees a video on Youtube showing the New Directions doing the Time Warp. (:
It's as simple as that. I'd prefer if the fanfic mentions Blaine and Kurt together but it's completely unnecessary.
It can be just before Kurt even goes to Dalton because I know a lot of fanfics out there mention that they researched Kurt before he joined them.
Thank you ahead of time! Now lets see if I can get these tags right.
( When adding tags, I accidently added Brittany. I tried deleting it but its not working out so great. Sorry! )