July 23rd, 2011

These Cheekbones?

Specific fic: Deaf Kurt

I remember reading a fic that was a WIP at the time (and might still be), about Kurt losing his hearing. To help him deal with it, the doctor introduced him to Blaine who had already lost his hearing and used a computer of sorts to communicate. I'm fairly sure that the fic was slash for Kurt/Blaine, though it may have only been building to that at the time when I read it.

Anyone know this? I'd love to read it and see if it's been updated at all :)

Thanks in advance! xx

Fics with Truth or Dare, spin the bottle...

Hi everyone! I'm looking for preferably Klaine - Kurtofsky - Puck/Kurt - Everyone/Kurt fictions in which there is a scene where the Glee Club members or/and the Warblers are at a party or meeting and they Truth or Dare, spin the bottle or other similar games. I prefer if the focus of the fic is on Kurt and I'd like if the game would be an occasion for discover new feelings or secrets, a way to out new relationships...
It would be awesome if someone of the characters would be jealous of someone else kissing Kurt!
Thank you in advance!

AU Puckurt

Today I am searching for a Puckurt fic in which the glee club are werewolves. Puck is the Alpha. It starts at a club of sorts where Puck is being checked out by all the people there- potential mates. He is drawn to Kurt and vice versa. This is concerning to lots of people because Kurt is small and to mate with an Alpha one must win a fighting competition. The competition is held a few days after the club incident (Kurt is kept in the stables or something) and both men and women compete. Puck is watching with his parents who know about Kurt. In the end it comes down to Finn and Kurt and for some reason they get weapons. Finn lets Kurt choose and Kurt chooses Sai swords, Finn is happy with that choice. In the battle Kurt shows his expertise with the Sai and he hurts Finn so bad, Finn is forced to change to his werewolf self. Everyone is worried for Kurt, but Kurt laughs. He doesn't change, but he defeats Finn anyway. At the end of each battle the loser is the one who either dies or submits by bearing the neck. Finn bears his neck but Kurt doesn't accept that, Kurt forces Finn to submit the older, more barbaric way- by showing his soft underside. Kurt wins and he happily claims his mate.

I hope this is enough info, this has been bothering me all day.

Thanks in advance!
Blaine Becky

Klaine, severe Blaine bullying

 Okay so I'm looking for something I read a while back (can't remember whether on here or FF.net). Kurt and Blaine were together (I think). It was summer and Blaine was working as a tour guide at Dalton. He didn't really get on with his dad. He was in a park with Kurt and they bumped into some of his old bullies and he freaked out. Kurt gets beaten up severely by them one night a while later. Blaine breaks down at the hospital and tells Kurt exactly what they did to him. Blaine ends up having more run ins with them and the ring leader threatens to hurt Kurt if Blaine doesn't do what he's told. Kurt tells Burt about what Blaine told him, and then they tell Blaine's parents.

And I remember there's an OC in the form of Blaine's best friend who he lost contact with when he started attending Dalton. She's a dancer...

Any help would be appreciated.
dingy, bedroom

Kurt sticking up for Puck

Okay, I'm really new here so I'm gonna try to follow the rules exactly as I read them. XD On to what I'm looking for.

Okay, I know that what I'm looking for is a chaptered fic with a Kurt/Puck romance.

In one of the chapters, Finn and Puck get in a fight and I don't even think Puck fights back. When they finally break it up, all the glee members except kurt rush over to make sure Finn's alright. I can't remember what the fight was over.

Kurt starts to see Puck in a new light and starts to dislike Finn. I think he gets angry at Mercedes(sp?) for making sure Finn was okay but not Puck.

Anybody know what I'm looking for? I'm pretty sure it was on Fanfiction too if that helps.

BJ kiss

Blaine calls Kurt Baby Penguin?


as the title says, I'm looking for this fic where Blaine calls Kurt baby penguin. I don't remember why exactly but I suspect it's in a situation where they are becoming more intimate, and maybe talking about Kurt's self-esteem/image issues or something like that ?
Please help it's driving me crazy! (I think it was a recent fic)