July 20th, 2011

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'the fic in which Kurt writes things on t-shirts'

Some days ago I read a really good fanfiction about Kurt & Blaine but now I can't find it.

It's about Kurt who finds out that a good way of saying things is writing them on a t-shirt like his born this way - Likes Boys - t-shirt. I remember that there's one shirt that says spank me.

I think that there's about 4 different shirts in the story and I guess that it's NC-17. Hope that you can help me find it.


This comes from the 'Born this way' episode where Kurt feels so free after wearing his 'Likes Boys' shirt that he makes some more. I remember he wears a shirt that says 'Screamer'. Because of these shirts he ends up getting with all the guys in glee and in the end comes into rehearsal wearing a shirt that says 'fucked your boyfriends'. And that's it. I really want to read this again and would love anyone who finds it! Thanks
Sorry for the bad tags, I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
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Karofsky/Kurt future!fic ; Dalton teachers pov

So, I have two searches. I have no particular fic, as I don't think I've ever seen either of these two ideas before.

1) Karofsky/Kurt future!fic, either during college or after, when they've just started dating.  They have their first fight, Kurt's yelling, and Dave raises his hand; Kurt flinches back.  They both freeze, then Kurt runs out while Dave's trying to apologize. 

Really, just anything about them dating and Kurt reacts like he's about to be abused, flashing back to high-school.

I do not want it to actually be an abusive relationship, please.  Does anything like this exist?

2)  Also, Dalton does have teachers, right?  I'd really like to read something from a Dalton teacher's pov.  Surely they were informed about the circumstances of Kurt's transfer, and I want one of their povs about his time at Dalton.