July 16th, 2011

Starsky+Hutch Married

Klaine Dalton!reformschool Badboy!Blaine

HI all I've spent hours now search for this fic posted on tumblr reblogged a billion times! What I know is it's Klaine written by slytherin-morals now questionable-morals features Dalton as a reform school and badboy!blaine starting a sex riot! Can't find it at all please help.

Puck/kurt story

Hi! i am new in this community so if i make any mistake jeje please don´t doubt and tell me,

So i am looking for a specific Puck/Kurt story and i think it was in livejournal. Here is what i remember jejej:
In the story Puck and Kurt develop a friendship but i don´t remember how XD i just clearly remember something about how some homophobic destroy kurt car and the nly one that can calm kurt is puck. I
I think all the football team is protecting kurt and he is having problems with finn or something like that
Kurt wants to know selfdeffens so Puck take him to a gym where he teach class to little kids...and i think the owners were gays too.
And i think Puck and Kurt are friends since they were little but Puck had to go away and they loss contact and kurt just find out it was puck but puck knew all the time?????

I think all this ideas are from the same fic but meaby not XD
If you could help me i will realy greatfull!!!
Ans...sorry for my english it´s not my first lenguage jeje and i am open for any correction!!!!
thank toy very much!

Klaine or Puckurt knotting fic rec search

I haven't actually read one for this fandom but in the spn fandom this usually takes place in werewolf au fics.  I'd like to read some in this fandom so I'm just looking for Klaine or Puckurt fic recs with knotting in them. Any fic will do as long as it's not a deathfic. I also prefer bottomKurt but thats not a requirement.

Mods I wasn't sure if I should add the kink tag please let me know if I should.

Specific fic search: Chris being saved from date rape

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a(nother) fic where I believe the whole cast are out clubbing, but at least Chris and Cory. Cory notices that Chris is acting strangely, and gets him away from the guy hitting on him. He thinks Chris has been drugged, and there were subsequent chapters where Chris had to go to the hospital to be tested, and him freaking out about what could have happened.

I could be wrong about it being Cory, though I don't believe so. I also think it was heading to Cory/Chris slash, but it was definitely in the friendship zone when I read it.

It was a WIP, but I can't think where it was posted, and would greatly appreciate being able to read it again. Thank you for your help!

ETA: Found, thank you! Link in comments.