July 9th, 2011

kurt blue

Specific fic search: Beiste and Kurt friendship


I'm looking for a fic where, before Dalton, Beiste finds Kurt kicking footballs alone, venting anger. They end up talking and I *believe* Kurt offers her a make-over, though that may be a different fic.

Thank you for any help you can give me!

ETA: Found, thank you! Link in comments.

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Puck/Kurt, Finn as the supportive big brother/best friend


Sadly I don't remember much. I only know ND are in a club and Puck/Kurt kiss. Some idiot says something and Finn says something like "Hey, you idiot. You talk about my brother and my best friend."

This is the only thing I remember. I hope someone knows this fic.

But also every other fic which has Puckurt and Finn as supportive brother/friend is more than welcome. I really wish for some good friendship/family fics (or scenes) between these three. :)

Thanks in advance!

- Lilly


Friday night dinners

I am looking for a fic where Finn notices that Blaine is over a lot for Friday night dinners and wants Rachael to be included to one as well. Burt and Carole agree and Rachael tries to be the best house guest ever, better then Blaine at least. There's this one part I remember well, it's were Carole is passing out drinks and Rachael goes to grab one and Carole is like no hunny that's Blaine's glass, so Rachael makes her own by putting a star sticker on it. hope that helps