July 7th, 2011


LF Kurt Sam friendship fics


I was wondering if anybody could req me some good Kurt/Sam friendship fics (no slash) based around 2x19 Rumours. Either before the ep or during.

With Kurt knowing Sams secret and not telling anybody I think it sould be kinda cool if they bacame really good/best friends. Maybe even Kurt, Sam and Quinn becomeing a close trio, where there is no romance but a deep friendship.

No Kurt cheating on Blaine please.

Thanks so much for any reqs.

Finn Working at Trevor Project Fic Search

Hi I'm looking for a one shot that's set after Theatricality about how Finn wants to make up for what he said and he ultimately starts working at the Trevor Project. Puck starts volunteering sometimes with him and at the end of the fic everyone is at a Pride parade and Finn is on the Trevor Project float and he gets an award for being the best volunteer they have or something to that effect. There's also slight hints of a Puck/Kurt relationship at the end that implies the two will get together. I hope you guys can help!

Puckurt rape

Im looking for a fic in which New directions was in a hotel for some reason and Kurt and Puck were roomates. They agreed that if either brought someone back to the room that the other would leave them alone. Kurt brought home a guy who ends up raping him. His rapist is someone important-the mayor's(?) son I believe. Puck comes to the room later and hear it, he tackles the guy off of Kurt and fractures his skull. Later there was a trial and we learn that Puck's mother was an addict and he killed his father because he raped his sister. Eventually Kurt goes up to the stand and they start to play the tape of the rape.

I remember that Puck was quite protective and the only one who could touch Kurt and he was there when the nurse (who took the stand later) did the rape kit. Also Kurt was in a wheelchair but when he confronted Pucks mother he got out of the wheelchair and almost collapsed. Oh! there where two judges the first one died.

I believe this was on fanfiction.net, but im not sure.

I hope this is enough information, Thanks in advance!

LF: Wes and Kurt Recs

Okay, I'm looking for stories where Wes is totally against Kurt at the begginning, thinking he's there to spy, or seduce Blaine to New Directions, or something like that. So Wes tries to alienate Kurt for the sake of the Warblers, only to discover the real reason for Kurt's transfer, and preferably do something about it.

I know these stories are out there but for some reason I can't find them.


Funeral Fic, Kurt/Blaine with Finn POV.

I'm looking for a Kurt/Blaine fic, which was a Finn POV fic and I know it was set during Funeral. I remember in one scene Kurt and Finn arrive back home to find that Blaine is there and has made cookies (Finn had rang/texted him earlier telling him that Kurt was upset). Kurt was also talking to Mercedes and somebody else from New Directions in the same scene, asking if they minded him asking Tina and Artie to help sing Pure Imagination.

Does anybody know which fic I'm thinking of? Thank you :)

Edit: found by narusasu0531! It's What I Could Really Use, What I Really Need by ladydreamer