July 5th, 2011

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Puckurt fics please!

Hi everyone

I'm looking for any Puckurt recs that contain any of the following:

1) mpreg (Kurt only please!)
2) hurt/abused Kurt
3) Kurt starting off with someone else e.g. Finn, Blaine, Karofsky (shudders) or an OMC but ends up with Puck
4) hurt/comfort fics
5) Gleeks helping Kurt
6) est. Puckurt with Puck accidently or deliberately hurting Kurt

I'd also be happy to take any Chris/Mark fics with the above

I've read all of Fatebegins stuff and I've checked out fanfiction.net and puckurt but I don't really know many stories/specific authors so any and all recs would be. Obviously I'd like all the recs to be slash not gen please. I love self recs too and I'm pretty hard to squick

cookies and milk for all recs!

Hipster Belle, Disney

Puck/Kurt Fic

Help! I read this really awesome fic once but i totally blanked on the name and i forget to bookmark it!
Okay so what i remeber from the fic was that the glee girls( and Kurt,of course) had gome on james bonds and did some flirting to get back some rehearsal tapes or something. The girls were really proud of them selfs but the guys were not impressed because what the girls did was dangerous and stupid. So Finn decides to they need to have a talk with them but he knows Kurt won't listen to him and Burt has no backbone when it comes to controling his only son so Finn sends Puck to "handle" Kurt.

Puck goes to Kurt's basement and their all alone and be procceds to scare some sense it to Kurt in the sexyiest way( pinning him to walls being all agressive, telling kurt to prove that he could handle himslef by breaking free from puck which i can;t) it all ends in some awesome sexytimes and i remeber at the end finn came home and saw them in bed with what he could see of Kurts body covered in red marks and he see's that pucks body is the same. so yeah Help?
pretty plz with Mark salling on top! 

LF specific Puckurt writer

I'm looking for a writer that typically writes Puckurt, many of them being mpreg. I know in some cases, she's used real-life people to play as characters, such as Matt Bomer in one.
One of the stories had Puck and Kurt starting their divorce, only to realize Kurt is pregnant, but Kurt hides that fact.

Most of her stories have a happy ending, and then show the fate of the villain as the last part of the story. Does anyone know who this is?

Puck/Kurt Series

Hey all!! I'm looking for a series of fics or a verse (can't remember which it is). I know that its Puck/Kurt, and I know that in it, Puck is an EMT and Kurt goes to school to study Psychology. I wanna say that they live in Boston, and I think at some point they find a surgate so that they can have a baby. I apologize for the random details that are clearly lacking, and would appreciate any help finding this verse!! Thanks so much, and for anyone who celebrates it, Happy 4th of July!