July 4th, 2011

Kurt supports Blaine when he needs to go attend a funeral

Hi! I'm looking for a story from last fall/winter in which Kurt helps Blaine when Blaine has to attend a funeral. Kurt assists him with clothing choices and packing up a suitcase, and i think stays in contact with him while Blaine's gone for a few days. At the end, when Blaine gets back to Dalton, he goes to find Kurt and kisses him. I think it was originally posted on one of the prompt posts in 4 parts, and may or may not also be posted to the kurt_blaine comm. Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks so much!

Kurt + Sue Friendship Recs?

Aaaand I'm back! Again!

Anyways, was wondering if anyone can rec me some Kurt + Sue friendship stories?

I have nothing specific to add, just some interaction between the two!

Thanks in advance!

Also, mods, I wasn't sure whether to tag this with a Kurt!Cheerio tag? Though Kurt doesn't have to be on cheerios, so I left it as this? If it's wrong let me now and I'll change it right away!

Quinn and Rachel as sisters AU fics

Hello, y'all. 

I'm looking for AU fics where Quinn and Rachel grow up as sisters: Quinn has been adopted by the Berry household or vice versa. Any fic with them being related in one way or another and in a (clandestine) relationship with each other is what I'm looking for. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. :)  
Glee:Niff - Warbler Practice

Looking for any/all Jeff/Nick (of the Warblers) fics (slash and/or friendship)

I'm having the hardest time finding any fics about Jeff and Nick. They're sort of my obscure, guilty pleasure ship. I would love anything slash/romantic between them, but I would also be happy with epic friendship stuff. Preferably fics with them as the main focus, but I would also love recs with them with heavy attention even if not the main focus. Any length is good, but I do love me a long fic. Thanks in advance!

Burt and Blaine in a car accident

First time posting here, I hope I did everything right:)
So what I can remember about the fic is that Blaine stays late at the Hudmels and Burt offers to drive him home. They get into an accident (I think an animal jumps in front of them) and Blaine is hurt pretty badly (his head is bleeding and he's tired and feels cold). Burt tries to calm him down and calls for an ambulance, while Blaine sort of freaks out over never telling Kurt about how he felt about him. I think he tries to make Burt swear he tells Kurt that he loves him, but I'm a bit foggy on that one. They get to the hospital and Blaine turns out okay.
I think it was posted on the glee_angst_meme but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. Help, please?