July 2nd, 2011

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Kurt hiding being sick and passing out in Warblers practice.

Hi Everyone,

I was reading a story recently that may have been from the glee angst meme but I don't think it was completed. Kurt was at Dalton but was struggling to fit in, I think he was reluctant to let Blaine know how uncomfortable he still was. From what I recall Kurt became ill, like with a cold or flu and it got to the point where he wasn't able to eat without throwing the food back up and spent a lot of time in the bathroom feeling ill. Because he felt so isolated from the Warblers he didn't tell anyone what was going on and finally he passed out during a Warblers practice session. When the nurse comes in asking questions, Blaine and the others realise for Kurt's situation to get so bad he must of been ill for some time and none of them had noticed - cue guilty Warblers. I don't think Kurt and Blaine were together but Kurt did have feelings for Blaine. That was as far as I'd gotten and after some very frustrating attempts to find the story which I could have sworn I'd bookmarked somehow I am desperately asking for help!

Mods: Hopefully the tags are correct but as I'm uncertain about a couple of aspects of the story I'm not 100% on the genre but I'll correct if need be if the story can be found.

Kurt, Warbler Friendship?

Hi, guys!

I was wondering if there are any fics out there with Kurt/Warblers friendship? Besides the obvious, (Though BRILLIANT) fic "Dalton"?

Vague!Rec-Request is vague, but I'm just looking for some Kurt/Warbler interaction. Or Aus where Kurt stays at Dalton maybe? Any pairing, any length!

Thanks in advance fellow Gleeks!

Hope I did the tags right!

Kurt's mad kissing skills?

Hey, I am back again, but in my defence I need to stock up to get me through the hiatus!

I think I saw this asked here before, but I have gone through a few tags and I can't find it anywhere.
Anyways, I'm looking for the fic where Brittany tells Santana that Kurt is the best kisser ever, then news spreads and he ends up kissing everyone of the New Directions!

Thanks in advance! 

(Hope I did the tags right, again)

Been found! Check in comments for it! :D Thank you, people who answered this so fast!
Blaine Becky

Burt and Blaine interaction

I'm looking for stories that feature lots of interaction between Burt and Blaine. I prefer one's where Burt is particularly fatherly. I don't care whether they're just interacting for the sake of Kurt, or whether Burt is acting as a father figure for Blaine... It really doesn't matter what the circumstances are.

I realise this has probably been asked for already but I just don't have the patience to go back through all those pages.

Download-able fics

So, here's the story. I'm moving to a new house in the next couple days, and likely won't have internet (not even for my birthday! Woe is me!) for some time. And since I'm pretty much an internet junkie (mostly because of fanfic) I'm going to need something to read.

The long and short: I'm moving, need fic that I can download onto my computer to read so I won't get bored.

My requests?

Preferably slash with ensemble, and that's really it.
Give me angst, give me fluff, give me whatever and whomever! (Puck, Kurt, Sam and Dave are my favorites though, and I like Finn).

The only requirement is that it can be downloaded (and pdfs are amazing!)