July 1st, 2011

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Glee Crossover Porn Challenge! (posted with mod approval)

Hi! It's time for the first bi-annual Glee Crossover Porn Challege! Have you ever wanted to read smut about Dean Winchester and Kurt Hummel? Or Harry Potter and Blaine Anderson? Or Faith Lehane and Noah Puckerman? The Porn Challenge goes on for the month of July and is hosted by the glee_cross_meme. Het, slash, and femslash are all welcome!

Kurt fic recs

 Hey folks, 

I'm looking for fic recs, I'm going to do this in point form so it's easier to follow.

I am looking for Kurt fics:
-they don't have to be Kurt POV, but Kurt must be in the main pairing
-which have at least some romantic element
-can be angsty, but ideally a relatively happy/neutral ending
-fluff is good (but not necessary)
-smutt is also good (but not necessary)
-I love puckurt but I'm not sure there's much left of them that I haven't read 
-I would like some Kurt/OC recs, or any pairing not mentioned below
-i'm open to blaine/kurt ONLY  if it's serious, unbelievably, amazing
-het is ok IF it makes sense(ish), there needs to be some kinda backstory (or alcohol?)

I don't want:

-kurt/ finn or will, or matt, or artie, or burt 
-no mpreg (I've tried it, but no. just no.)
-no established relationships, it doesn't have to be slow build (but those are awesome), it can be drunken hook-ups whatev
Hmmmm, I think that's it... Just rec me some awesome fics ppl! :)

Blaine Becky

Burt can't remember; Kurt angst

 I don't remember whether I read this here or on fanfiction.net.

For whatever reason I can't remember, Burt is unconscious in hospital and when he wakes up he can't remember Kurt. I forget whether he remembers Carole and Finn or not. Anyways, he has issues with Kurt being gay and ends up saying some really hurtful things before he remembers.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it'd be much appreciated.