June 26th, 2011

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Blaine kicked out of the Warblers. Kurt & Blaine strip in front of the Warblers in response

Hi guys!

I'm looking for a fic (pretty sure it was a sequel) where Sue secretly video taped the ND party in BiotA. The problem? The Warblers actually have a pretty strict and enforced policy on alcohol use and they ask him to leave. Kurt's pissed and he goes up to the Warblers during a practice and demands to know why the rules instated by faceless men continue to be upheld, even at the cost of one of their own. They don't have a very satisfying answer, I'm guessing, because Kurt strips down to his boxers and undershirt and marches out. Blaine strips down in a less dramatic fashion and follows suit. They go to the headmaster's office afterward and... I think they transfer? Maybe? I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated, though :)

Found: "Pink Elephants As An Endangered Species" by reremouse

Looking for a Kurt/Blaine fic based off of the Slender Man mythos/legends.

 The story was told out of order, I know that much. Kurt apparently has been haunted by the Slender Man since his childhood and now that he and Blaine are together, it's coming after Blaine too. I believe it came after a couple of other Warblers too (or someone Kurt knew in his childhood). It was a really creepy story and it was really good. I don't know if it was ever finished or what. 

I hope someone can help me find it. :) 

Edit: FOUND (in the comments) 
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Kurt/Puck: Puck wakes Kurt up

I only remember one scene clearly. Kurt is sleeping; Puck comes in to his room during a sleepover or something similar. Kurt is badly startled (this is post-Karofsky). I believe Kurt tells him about Karofsky. Kurt and Puck end up together later and Puck tells Kurt that he went in to Kurt's room to seduce him, but couldn't go through with it when he saw how scared he was. Help? Please and thank you!

Found! Link in the comments.
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Klaine, in which Finn is a paranoid jerk, Blaine is prince charming and Kurt has a martyr complex

I started reading this really long fic on fanfiction.net set post-Duets in which Kurt is having an awful time, Sam notices and tells Blaine about Kurt (in this fic, Sam used to be in Dalton before he transfered to McKinley and is close firends with Blaine) and asks him if he can meet Kurt, for Kurt to have someone to talk to who is also gay and knows about bullying and stuff.

Blaine and Kurt become friends, and Finn, in the name of being a good brother, warns Kurt not to get close to Blaine because he thinks Blaine is hitting on Kurt, just trying to have sex with him, and has no interest in being friends with him. Kurt keeps telling Finn he's got nothing to worry about and gets closer and closer to Blaine, while Finn gets more and more paranoid about Blaine's intentions with Kurt.

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Found: The Songs Start to Make Sense (great story, I really recommend it to any Klaine fans)

Puck gives Kurt kissing lessons

 I thought I had this in my memories, but I can't find it :(.

I don't remember the details - Puck gives Kurt kissing lessons, happy wonderful fluffy goodness occurs. I do remember Kurt had been paying for the lessons and near the end Puck gives him back (most of) his money and Kurt says, " as far as grand gestures go you're about $20 short". Also, I think Kurt is giving Puck advice on how to woo Lauren...

If anyone can point me towards that fic or any similar ones that would be awesome possum!