June 17th, 2011


Kurt tells Pucks to find his balls and ask him out (in Spanish)

 Kurt and Puck are bffs and Puck is crushing on Kurt but too scared to ask him out. Puck is tutoring Kurt in Spanish when Kurt says something to the effect that he found Puck's testicles in the garbage and he's sick of waiting etc...  Finally, Puck gets jealous of Sam who is after Kurt and invites Kurt over. I remember that he got tulips because he remembered that they were Kurt's favorite and then they watched Sherlock Holmes(?).

Thats as far as I got before my computer died and now I can't find it again. :(
trek: Kirk enjoys tormenting Spock.

Kurt/Blaine sexting accidentally sent to Burt?

I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I'm looking for a fic I read where Burt found/read sexts between Kurt and Blaine, and I... think? he ended up taking Kurt's phone away? (Any fics where Burt stumbles upon sexts are welcome, hahaha.)