June 14th, 2011


LF: Kurt dealing with Hudmel merger

I'm looking for something where Kurt isn't to happy about his family expanding to include Carol and Finn, and has good reason to feel that way. Maybe Carole and Finn do some thoughtless things ala "Challeges" bycalanthe_b , Kurt can't get along with Finn after the "Duets" thing, but not just because Kurt is jealous about having to share his dad with other people.

doctor!Kurt, fireman!Puck

 Hey all! Trying to track down an AU Puckurt story in which Puck was a fireman who got hurt on the job and Kurt was the doctor taking care of him. I remember that Kurt was a rabid Yankees fan, which basically made Puck fall in love on the spot. Any help finding it would be greatly appreciated!