June 13th, 2011

cheerio Kurt

 i've been after this story for a while now there is not many details that i remember in it except that Kurt gets talk in to help the other male cheerleaders in getting back in to the routine by pushing Kurt in to the girls locker room where he talks to santana while trying to get out of the locker room because some other cheerleader are flashing him i can't really remember any more except that the male cheerleader have not been aloud near the female cheerleaders because of what happened to Quinn

that all i can remember i hope someone will be able to help me  

Klaine Night of Neglect fic

 I can't for the life of me find this fic in my favourites at all. 

It's pretty much about Blaine facing down Karofsky when he corners the two of them at New Direction's Night of Neglect. They end up leaving the school after he leaves and Blaine's so excited/prod/turned on that he and Kurt make out in the parking lot until Kurt drives them back to his place and they continue on from there.

I remember at one point Kurt wonders what's wrong with him for liking that Blaine would hold down his wrists and he wonders if that's because of what happened with Karfosky in the locker room.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fear! Kurt and Kurt plotting to take over

Basically i'm looking any fics that involves Kurt with a guy like the one Mark Walberg played in the movie 'FEAR" with Reese Witherspoon; the fan fic doesn't have to end the same or do the same things that happened in the movie, just Kurt dating an obessive and or protective guy who would do ANYTHING to have Kurt as his own besides kill him. Any Slash pairing but Kurt/Will and no incest. This is just a general preference, not a specfic fic

The next thing i'm looking are fics where Kurt is planning to take over the school, to rule his school; whether it be Dalton or Mckinley.
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Klaine tentacle fic

I'm looking for a Kurt/Blaine tentacle fic. Blaine is the one with tentacles. I think he reveals to Kurt for the first time that he has them, then they have sex with lots of tentacle play. Pretty sure this fic was NC-17, but it could have been R.

I'm not 100% sure how to tag this post, so if the mods have any suggestions I'll happy to modify.