June 12th, 2011

seoyeon fun

Kurt getting caught recs?

Hi, I'm looking for any type of fic where:

1) Kurt and someone get caught making out, fooling around, having sex etc.

2) Kurt and someone make out or act overtly couple-y in front of ND

3) ND finds out about Kurt and someone's sex life

4) Kurt has his first orgasm ever with his boyfriend

The funnier the better for the first 3, but any rating is fine.
Ships wanted: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Puck, Kurt/Sam

Really, anything is accepted :) Thanks!

puck/kurt friday night bed share, first time

i'm looking for a fic where puck and kurt start to share a bed on friday night's because puck sleep over at finn's room normally but the floor was uncomfortable so he saw kurt's big bed and decided to sleep there. their relationship was only sexually at first and started to develop in small steps (sexually) and i remember they never really talked about it and they always slept in spoon position (kurt small spoon) .
it was a wip last i checked and they were getting involved emotionally and had sex (penetretive) for the first time.
i remember it was on a meme, i was following it in comments, i checked puckurt and kink meme but couldn't find it.
thanks a lot in advance
dean sammy bang!

Mpreg Kurt/Blaine Dom/Sub society

I am looking for a Kurt/Blaine fic. It's set in the future and in a Dom/Sub society. It starts off in the past, and talks about how Kurt slept with Blaine and then find's out he is pregnant. He goes to tell Blaine, but overhears Blaine talking to Jeremiah, who tells Blaine that he's pregnant. Kurt, seeing how happy Blaine is about the baby, leaves and says nothing. When he goes to tell his father, he kicks him out, and Finn, being the awesome big bro he is goes with him. A couple of years later Kurt is on Ellen, and talks to her about his how lucky he got landing a role on Glee playing Chris, how he's a single father, and how his son was born. Either Wes or David is watching the interview and they call Blaine into the room to watch. At one point Kurt calls Blaine the "big dom on campus." Any help on finding this fic would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
ETA: Found! It's Mistakes We Made by Chocoholic_90

LF Dollhouse/Glee crossover

From what I remember, Kurt was the doll, and every year he had to be reprogrammed or something. The person that did this was his old lover, and that one day a year, Kurt would remember his old life and lover and they would make love throughout that day. Then Kurt would leave, be done with his "physical" or whatever, and would go back to his normal life

I vaguely remember the old lover keeping his clothes from before he was a doll? He kept them in a filing cabinet, I think. As for who the old lover was, I think it may have been Karofsky, but I'm not sure. Finn was somehow connected in all of this too.

If anyone finds this, thanks in advance!