May 31st, 2011

Klaine make out fics

I'm in the mood for some good Klaine make out fics! Preferably not smut, but I'm not opposed to it. I just want something fluffy/cute/hot.

Also, I'm a big sucker for the Hudmels, so anything with them is great.

I hope I did the tagging right!
Confused Loki

Looking for Puck/Kurt fanfic

Kurt wears ladies panties to school.

Has gym and in the locker room, Puck sees and gets turned on.

Kurt opens his locker and finds underwear that puck bought for him.

Help me find. I think it was on or here.

Suicidal Kurt?

Hi, I'm looking for a fic I believe I read over on, it was a multi chapter story with Puck/Kurt as the pairing and the main thing I remember is that Kurt cuts himself in the bathroom, just on his leg, and freaks out, then Carol or his dad finds him.  Kurt later shows the cuts to Puck who also freaks out as well.  I don't remember how the story ended but I do think that Kurt is depressed because of the bullying.  Thanks in advance!
Space Beekeeper

Sam's brother has a crush on Kurt

So I opened this in a tab, excited to read it, then lost all my tabs before I could get to it. D:

All I read was the summary and I remember it was like 9,000 words long. Klaine established relationship but with little Stevie crushing on Kurt. I'd be so grateful if anyone could help me out!

Fic Recs: Will/Finn

I've discovered today that finding any good Will/Finn fics on LJ is not an easy task. Either that or I'm looking in all the wrong places. So, I'd like some recs please. Will/Finn, obviously. Multi-chaptered or oneshot, complete or WIPs. I'm just really dying for some well written Winn fics. Teacher/student is fine, or future!fics as well. AUs are greatly loved too. Basically, I just want some long Winn fics!

Oh, and I have read and am reading everything by carolinecrane  , as she is pretty much the only Winn author I know of.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks, guys! ♥