May 28th, 2011

Kurt thinks he is like Karofsky

The fic I'm looking for takes place after 'Blame it on the Alcohol'

Kurt and Blaine have made up.  Kurt, however, believes that he is like Karofsky and is extremely upset about it.  Blaine finds him at one point crying in a bathroom stall.

Klaine fics

1.I'm looking for any Klaine or Darren/Chris fics where they are in a relationship and have a disagreement or argument (happy ending please.)

2.Any fics with Darren/Chris where they are in a relationship and one of them isn't ready to come out to everyone about it.

3.Any sweet After Prom fics

4.Any Future!fics where Klaine is in a relationship.

5.any good klaine Fics you have to recommend :)
(Happy Endings Please)

Thank you all so much in advance~Amanda