May 27th, 2011

(Long) Favorites with Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel or Puck/Santana


At the moment I want to read some het fics. Normally this isn't my place of fandom so I need a little bit help. Which are you're favorites of

Puck/Rachel &

I search for one shots, long fics and everything between that. Major bonus points for friendship scenes with Kurt or Finn.

Thanks in advance. :)

- Lilly

Puckleberry ensemble

Looking for White Out, a Puckleberry heavy ensembled piece. The group got stranded on the way to a competition, they were being hunted in the woods. It was on but is gone now and the author won't respond to my message asking about it...I never got to finish it and I loved it! Anyone know where else it may be posted or can send it to me? I really wanna finish it! :(
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Looking for a specific Kurt and the Warblers fic

I think it was a Klaine fic, but that wasn't the focus.

What I can remember is that it was over on and it was multi-chaptered with each chapter dealing with the Warbler’s understanding what Kurt went though at WMHS (and helping him to cope). I think in one chapter Kurt automatically went into the girls bathroom because it was second nature to him not to be allowed in the boys, and similarly in another he managed to get (blood?) stains out of one of the boy’s shirts because he’d been used to having to do it himself. Does this ring any bells?

Edit: I think that the chapter titles were one word on the content of the chapter, (there might have been one called "slushie") and in one chapter I think Jeff(?) liked to randomly pick up Dalton students just because he could and Kurt froze when he was picked up unexpectedly.


(I've tagged for bullying, because it covers the aftermath of bullying, hope this is alright.)

Found: Those Innocuous Moments by Mellony
My favorite pasttime

Kurt quits Glee

Hi, I am looking for a specific story in which Kurt quits Glee. One scene in particular stands out. Kurt is in a music practice room and Rachel finds Kurt and tells Kurt that he
should not be in the room, since he quit Glee. Kurt replies that he has more right than Rachel, since he is actually taking Music class.
Any help finding this story would be appreciated. I have been looking for this story for a while now, and I know it is not "Choose" or "Home Truths"
I think the story is gen as I do not remember any pairings. It is an older story.