May 26th, 2011

Glee: Kurt hair

Blaine/Kurt, Single Ladies. Also, Warblers.

Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic wherein the Warblers have decided that they need to up their dancing skillz to compete at Regionals. While our Warbler boys are failing (Wes wants to do the YMCA. Kurt is not impressed), Kurt decides to show them how it's done--Kurt Hummel style. While he's performing Single Ladies for the room, Blaine notices that some of the other Warblers are taking a bit too much of an interest in his moves. He storms out after the performance with Kurt in tow. Epic hot sex ensues.

Please and thank you!!

Angsty BIOTA Kurt/Blaine fics

I have been looking for this fic for a while - it was a Blame It On The Alcohol fic, where Kurt is upset at the party because of Blaine and Rachel's kissing/duet. It comes time to leave and Blaine and Rachel are snuggling on an arm chair and Blaine doesn't want to leave. Finn and Kurt take Quinn and Blaine home. Quinn, who was very drunk, goes to her house and Blaine sleeps over.

I hope someone can find that fic, it was beautifully written.

And if you all could rec your favourite Kurt/Blaine BIOTA fics, whether they be fluffy or angsty, I would really appreciate it :)

Thanks in advance!
Puck/Quinn - Papa Don't Preach


Apparently I'm on a PQ kick.

Can anyone rec me some longer PQ fics? Preferably high school-set with a healthy dose of Puck angst?

Also, any fics where they kept Beth would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

Mods - Sorry! I clicked abuse instead of angst by mistake when tagging. If you wouldn't mind taking that out for me? My bad.

Blaine/Kurt Mobster fic

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a fic where Blaine is in the mob. I don't remember too much. I know he's the boss's son, he had a little sister and his mother was training Kurt to kind of be Blaine's future "mob wife." I believe Blaine had already transferred to McKinley in this fic. It's a light-hearted mob fic, not really angsty.
I remember that in one of the stories Kurt was "kidnapped" from school because Blaine's sister wanted to meet him and the whole club freaked out.

It was on livejournal and started out as something small but got pretty popular and eventually turned into a whole 'verse.

I last saw it at least a few months ago. I'm sorry this isn't very much information. Any help you guys can give is great and very much appreciated.