May 25th, 2011

Klaine, Puck friendship

Okay, so I've finally realized the only way I like my Klaine-with a side dish of Puck being hilariously proud of Kurt for getting some/into their sex lives/really freaking curious about the details. So, basically, anyone know any Klaine fics with Puck friendship? Smut is both welcomed and appreciated.

kurt/puck fic

The fic I'm looking for is on I know it was a kurt/puck fic, and that it was kinda long, though I'm not sure if it was complete or not. 
I only remember one part:

When the Gleeks are having lunch Kurt is sitting next to Puck and is trying to find out something from Mercedes when Puck starts telling him to eat, and that Kurt hasn't been eating much of anything lately.  Kurt is upset, because it really wasn't intentional. He just didn't realize how little he has been eating.  Then Mercedes starts telling him what Kurt wanted to know while Puck keeps prompting Kurt to keep eating.

Rachel/Puck future!fic

After high school Puck is raising Beth with Rachel.  Puck and Rachel are together(married I think) and Rachel is pregnant.  Quinn comes back and wants to know Beth, and be known as her mother.  Quinn is not mentally well and at one point in the fic, she takes Beth.  When Rachel finds out she goes into early labor or something else happens with the baby.  Puck and Rachel get Beth back in the end with the help of Artie and/or Finn.

That's all I really remember.

Good Gender-swap Fics


I'm not really a fan of Gender-Swap fics, but if there are any really REALLY well-written longer fics (10,000 words or more) that anyone can recommend, I'd appreciate it..  Preferably angsty Klaine, but with a happy ending, but no MPreg, please.  Thanks in advance!

Edited per mod's suggestion: I'm not really picky about whether or not it's genderswap!f-slash or genderswap!het.  If it's well-written, I'll read it!

LF 2 specific Klaine fics

There are two fics I know I've read in the past but can't seem to find again, and I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about.

1. A WIP from last fall that was updated at least as recently as February-ish, hosted on Karofsky attacked and seriously injured and I think also sexually assaulted Kurt, and Blaine knew who was responsible and they had a big fight while Blaine was trying to coerce Kurt into telling his dad what had happened. There were also cute scenes with Blaine's family over at the Hudmels' for Christmas, and I remember Blaine had an older sister named Francie (after "Baby" in Dirty Dancing). Found in comments

2. A smutfic with cat-in-heat!Kurt, but not the one where he has actual kittens (that one I can find). This one involved the idea that Burt had told Blaine he essentially wasn't allowed to have sex with Kurt when he was in-heat because he wasn't really capable of giving consent, but I don't remember much beyond that Found in comments
Thanks in advance!

Blaine and Rachel in Relationship after BIOTA

I'm looking for a multi-chapter story that has Blaine and Rachel continuing their relationship after BIOTA.  Kurt is having a hard time accepting their relationship and runs out of the coffee shop after seeing them making out.  I'm almost certain its on FF but that site is really hard to navigate.
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Kurt/Blaine told through various media.

Hi! I'm looking for a specific Kurt/Blaine fic told through various media, such as texts, e-mails, facebook. I remember that the story took place at Dalton, and that the Warblers were involved. There were some sort of a bulletin board on each door, where people could leave notes and such.  I believe that it was posted to kurt_blaine . Thanks in advance. C:

Edit: Found. It's here.

userpic, ianto/jacj

Born This Way Coda


I'm looking for a Kurt/Blaine story set after Born This way. I'm pretty sure its a one shot. 

Kurt was telling Blaine about how Lauren was to Quinn and Blaine gets al defensive on Quinn's behalf. It turns out that Blaine was a bit chubby in his younger years and Kurt steals his old year book to see it. Blaine is very offended at the breach in privacy. 

Then they make up. 

So yeah, i hope someone remembers it

Thanks in advance. 
These Cheekbones?

Protective Warblers

Would love to see any recs you have for fics where all the Warblers are protective of Kurt. Gen or Klaine are both great, though I suppose I would prefer Klaine. :)

Protective can be just in general or after a big incident, really, I'll take anything! ^_^

Ta very much in advance! xx