May 23rd, 2011

king of the jungle

[found] AU after Kurt returns from Dalton - bullying&bruises

I think this was on the angst meme, but I searched their delicious and couldn't find it.

Kurt returns to McKinley and instead of waiting until all the jocks leave the showers, he showers with them, a habit he learned at Dalton.  None of the jocks had realized how bruised he was from everything and they freak out; they stop physically hurting him.  He thinks they're setting him up for a major prank, so he confronts Finn about it.  I'm pretty sure the fic was gen.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

ETA: is found

Looking for a Finn/Kurt fic where they raise Quinn's baby

I'm actually pretty sure I found this story through a previous post here, but now I can't find it. Help please?

It takes place during and after season 1, where after the baby is born, Quinn leaves her with Finn and runs away to California, I think. Puck follows her, so Finn is left to raise the baby. Kurt helps him, and they eventually get together.

They call the baby Melody, and she calls Kurt Mama.

There's a sequel that takes place about a year later where Quinn and Puck come back to see Melody and though Kurt worries that they'll take her away, Puck promises that they won't.

FOUND! Link in comments.

Finn/Kurt vampire story

Okay, in this story Finn is turned into a vampire by his prom date and needs blood to survive. He doesn't want to drink Kurt's blood, until Kurt cuts his lip on Finn's fangs, smears the blood on his wrist and shoves it in Finn's face.

I believe there was also something about people's scents, namely Kurt's, that was bothering/attracting Finn.

Sorry, that's all I remember about it. Grateful for any help!


Pierced Kurt

I read a story a while ago where Kurt had a pierced belly button and it turned the other guy on. I can't remember who the other guy was, although it might have been Puck.

Also any recs where Kurt has any type of piercing would be great! Thank you!

FOUND: It Started With A Piercing and Ends With Porn

Chris Abused

Hey all!

I was wondering if anyone remembered a fic where someone from Chris' past abused him (I want to say it was an uncle or something) and the abuser was talking about it now for some reason. In fact, the fic started out as sort of a interview in a magazine or something and Chris was reading it. At the time, the fic was unfinished. I have been looking all over for it and wouuld greatly appreciate some help! I can't remember if there was a pairing or anything. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful and specific. Thanks everyone!