May 21st, 2011

Depressed Kurt, Mr Berry as shrink.

It was a fic I read a while ago on livejournal, where the bullying got so bad for Kurt that he tried to kill himself. One of Rachel's dads was his psychiatrist's and none of the glee club knew. Kurt rang the Berry's house to talk to Mr Berry and Rachel answered - Kurt hung up, and tried again a few months later, and Rachel answered again - I think that's how she found out.

There was no pairing, and pre-Blaine. I think it was set in early season 2.

Thanks in advance!

LF: some really evil 'fic


So, I feel kinda baddirtywrong for this, but I'm kind of jonesing for some really creepy, possessive, undapper!Blaine 'fics...preferably with Kurt involved. I mean the kind of stuff where if it was on the TV show, he'd totally be rocking an evil goatee. I'm kind of new to Glee fanfic, and there's a rather overwhelming amount of does anyone have some good recs? Thank you in advance.

Kurt and Blaine Are a Couple

I think this fic was part of a series, but I can't find it for the life of me! Burt wonders at the difference between Kurt and Blaine and Quinn and Finn and why the first two can get away with more in Carole's eyes. Carole explains to him that it's because Kurt and Blaine are a couple while Finn and Quinn are only dating. She then has all four of the teenagers at Friday night dinner so Burt can observe and see what she means.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! FOUND! THANK YOU!

Blaine is drunk/drugged and assaulted at a party

I think this was a two part series (but when I read it, only part one was completed).  Blaine is drunk and separated from his friends at some jock party.  A random jock talks to him (gives him a roofied drink) and he goes upstairs to play xbox with him, but it ends up being a trap.  Blaine is raped by multiple guys and they take a video of it on their phone and send it to everyone at the party with a message of 'fags beware'.  Karofsky is the one who alerts Kurt and they eventually find Blaine upstairs unconscious under the bed.

thanks in advance!