May 17th, 2011

Klaine future fic?

 Hi there :) This is my first time posting here so fingers crossed that I get it right!
Ok, this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of a fic that's meets this description:
- it's definitely on
- it's Kurt/Blaine
- it's set 6 years in the future
- it's in English (just in case that's relevant!)
- there's 9 chapters so far (could be anything from 8-10 I suppose, but around that anyway)
- it's rated something from k to teen so far, just to eliminate anything m rated.
I hope that's not too vague! That's all I know, I haven't actually read it myself so..
Anyway, if anyone has any ideas let me know and thank you!

[ Blaine/Kurt] Need help to find a fic ~fanfiction~

So I read this on fanfiction dot net
This fict is that Kurt move to Dalton, and the Daltoners call him Spy --- (i forgot.. its spy something)
Blaine make sure that people know and protect Kurt.

Then the Warblers sing for Kurt, to join them. When Kurt said that he haven't audition for it, Wes (I think) said that a friend send him a video of Kurt performing "Le Jazz Hot" (Sam is the one send the vid)

Long short Kurt join and then they perform with the NewD.. Mercedes flirt with one of the Warb.. What else..  think I only remember that part...

Ring any bell anyone??
Thanks in advance!