May 8th, 2011

Recs: Puck has medical knowledge


After I read Nurse/Medic/Whatever by puckingawesome and Hanging By a Moment by vccv I search for fics where Puck is a nurse, doctor, paramedic or has somehow medical knowledge.

Puck/Kurt is my favorite but I would also read Gen-fics or other pairings (het and slash). Especially Puck/Rachel and Puck/Quinn would be more than welcome for me.

Thanks for your help. :)

- Lilly

Finn in mental hospital, Kurt badly hurt by him

Looking for a story from where Finn decides he needs to protect his new family no matter how. He thinks Kurt's behavior can be a threat, so he tries to make Kurt to be less flaming. Carole and Burt come home from wedding only to see Finn smothering Kurt. Kurt is in hospital, has problems with feeling changes of temperature because of nerves damage. Finn is in mental hospital, he's sure he had done right thing and he knows he has to act like he feels guilty, because it's only way to be released.

I believe there was somebody close to Kurt, I believe it was Blaine, introduces as gay friend of Sam - Sam was in Dalton in this story, but I'm not sure this one part.
good sir!, Well I say

RPF fics 'bout Chris.

 I'm looking for two rpf fics, focusing heavily on Chris.

What I remember is the cast having a party of sorts and Chris ends up asleep on a sofa, and has a pretty loud nightmare. The cast finds out that he was raped when he was younger, by a group of men. I think he was on some kind of antidepressant for it. The cast makes him tell them about it all. 

Also, a fic where someone in the cast finds out he's taking antidepressants due to bullying, depression and self harm. I think it was Cory. 

Anyone know what I'm talking about? 

Oh, and as for recs - any fics concerning Chris and self harming, past bullying and just general hurt/comfort are appreciated! 

Also, I hope I got my tags right, since this covers quite a lot.