May 5th, 2011

Kurt & Coffee

I've heard a lot of references to stories where Kurt is addicted to coffee, but I've never been able to find any (and if I have, I've promptly forgotten where they were). SO, any recs to stories about Kurt and coffee? Any pairings, no pairings, I'll take anything!

Thank you!


Fic Rec Request: Long Puckurt fics with slow build

Hi, I'm looking for long fics romantically pairing Puck and Kurt. In particular I'm looking for ones that have a lot of build up (preslash), like where they're friends first and one of them may be ignorant of the other's crush etc, you get the idea. I've read all of jellybaby bandit's stuff already(- and it's brilliant). Long (10k words +) fics please. Props for lots of Burt or Finn/Puck friendship, or jealousy themes. Thank you if you have a rec!

Looking for fanfic . . .


I'm looking for a KurtxBlaine drabble series, preferably in a certain writing style called 'lyrical.' Think Ray Bradbury, Alice Sebold, and Markus Zusak. It's basically a style of prose that sounds pleasing to the ear when read aloud, as it has a rhythm or ebb and flow, and is typically highly 'artsy' and emotionally driven (this my own style, btw).

Any genre is fine, except for yuri (but shojo-ai okay). ^^

This is what lyrical writing looks like (to give you an idea--my writing still has a long way to go XD):

Collapse ) 

AU, Cop!Puck, Kurt has a boutique


I search for the fic "Just A Memory Away" by breea1. Sadly this journal is delete, so I want to ask if someone has this fic or another link.

Here a short summary of the fic. Maybe it helps to trigger a memory. :)

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I hope someone has this fic. :)

Thanks in advance.

- Lilly
Rent - You're not alone Mark/Roger

Kurt/Sam recs?

I'm looking for Kurt/Sam fic recs. Are there classics? If so, what are there? What have you read that you've liked?

My only specifications are: no hating on any other characters (for instance, Blaine), and a happy ending.

And if there's a good place to go for Kurt/Sam stuff, let me know.


ETA: Some reds have been found and are in the comments, thanks!

Specific Fic Search: Kurt is injured, on meds and has no brain/mouth filter


I cannot remember where I read this first (either LJ or, hence coming cap in hand. It's mostly about Kurt, but there's a little Puckurt if you squint. Set in Season 1

Kurt is injured at a ND rehearsal and breaks a limb, whilst under the influence of meds he says exactly what he thinks. Collapse )

I really hope my little summary helps.