April 27th, 2011

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Looking for a Kurt/Puck Fic

Hi all, I am looking for a Kurt/Puck fic where to two are paired up for a glee club assignment. Puck is actually being nice to Kurt until Kurt gets mad and texts to Puck that he is a lima loser and to leave him alone. The last part of the fic that I remember reading has Puck switch partners so Kurt doesn't have to deal with him anymore. Anyone know if the story was actually finished/where it is located? 
  • hepi99


i'm looking for a fic where Kurt hurts his arm (or breaks it) in glee rehersals and the whole club takes him to the hospital. When he's there he's given something for the pain and ends up babbling to the club about the extent of his bullying.
It also had puck it in....but it wasn't slash but maybe pre-slash?
any help would be soooo fantastic :D