April 21st, 2011


kurt, puck and mercedes BIOTA related (I think)

I'm looking for a story, I believe it took place during (and just after) Rachel's party in BIOTA.

Things I can remember:

- Kurt and Mercedes are dancing together.
- Puck deciding he wants them both.
- The three of them leave together, possibly after announcing to the room at large that they are going to go have sex.
- A trip to a drug store for condoms and supplies.
- Puck saying he's going to teach Kurt how to enjoy Mercedes' body/breasts.

Anybody recognize this fic? I mentioned it to a friend and she thinks I dreamed it.

mods: I think I got all the tags needed on this, if not please let me know. I used episode related because the story mentioned Rachel's party.

Found: Links to story in comments - in addition, here's a link to the same story at a different location - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6800351/1/Puckzillas_Prey_Now_Complete

Blaine's Brother Threatens Kurt

Blaine and Kurt are dating, when Blaine's brother James(I think thats his name) tells Blaine that he has to break up with Kurt or he will put Kurt in the hospital or kill him(don't remember which one he said) Blaine breaks up with Kurt, and Kurt is really upset.  Finn asks Kurt why they broke up and Kurt tells him to go ask Blaine because he has no idea, Blaine never told him about the threat. 

Later Kurt encounters James and there is a little fight where Kurt comes out as the winner.

*Found--Link in comments

Chris Colfer Cory Monteith interview Tater-tots


Can anyone help me find the interview where Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are talking about Tater-tots and Chris says that in France he was called 'ma'am like 7 times'. I think it was from a premiere because in gifs and pics I've found it has a poster of that in the background.


Puckurt Au Will Schuesters wedding


I'm looking for a story where Kurt is invited to Will's wedding (I think with Emma) like 5 years after they leave school. Puck is the only other gleek to be there and Kurt is surprised by how much he's changed. In the end they go home together I think.

I hope someone knows this story,

We'll Make It


I'm looking for a fic that I read awhile ago. It was Chris/Darren/Max. Chris was drunk and being very cuddly with both boys in a limo, they both had feelings for him but at the time they were only friends.

I'm pretty sure there was also a sequel where they all admitted their feelings for each other.

I'll take any recs you have with these three too.

Please and thank you!