April 19th, 2011

Sam's party for jocks, Kurt invited

Sam makes a party for boys and asks Kurt to come. Kurt is happy - first time a boy ask him to come for boys party. Sam takes him to a forest and leaves him - it looks he was invited only because Sam wanted to make good impression on jock form his new school. I beleieve Blaine lives in that forest and helps Kurt find Sam's house and his car parked nearby.

Mean Girls/Glee Crossover?

Hi there ^^

I had an idea yesterday for a Glee/Mean Girls crossover and wondered if there are any fics like this? I think it would be a pretty awesome amalgamation of fandoms so if you know anythign even remotely like it, it would be awesome :D I'd prefer it if the pairing was Sam/Kurt, Puck/Kurt, Wes/Kurt. Any other pairing's through out the fic are fine but I'd prefer if there wasnt Klaine in it.