April 18th, 2011

Puckurt fic

Can anyone help me find an amnesia fic?
Kurt lost his memory (possibly because of an accident) and forgot about his relationship with Puck. Puck tries to win him back and they begin dating, but Kurt's memory doesn't come back until they have sex. I remember Puck trying to prove they were together by showing Kurt a sexual video they had made, also there was a big deal made of Kurt realizing that he was no longer a virgin but couldn't remember having sex.
Hope someone can help!

Puck/Kurt, nervous kurt,first time?

Hey guys I've been looking for this fic for awhile now and no luck,

So its a puck/kurt and im not sure how/when they got together but they are, and one night puck stays over at the Hummel house but has to sleep on the couch, half way through the night kurt joins him and they start making out but Kurts really shy/nervous of Puck touching and seeing him,
(i think it was something about being so small compared to Puck in the junk department,but i could be thing of a different fic! lol)

Thats all i really have to go on im sorry!
I hope someone can help :)

Thanks xxxxx