April 17th, 2011

klaine, cheerleading, speculation

hi, I'm looking for a fic I read but have lost the link to. in it, kurt and blaine are together and blaine goes to mckinley. it's a one shot. kurt hurts himself at cheerios practice and is limping around the school. the rest of the glee club think that he's limping because he's just had sex with blaine. speculation and gossip occurs. features top!kurt but not explicitly.

thankyou in advance :)

sorry if I screw up the tags mods, first time posting
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Looking for puckleberry fic called "the story"

I am heartbroken a fic I loved called "the story" has been deleted from ffnet


"The story" is about Rachel and puck becoming friends and than into something more and eveyone wants to know the story. There is a scene in the story where everyone come over rachel's house and they find out to thee shock rachel use to live new York and she was a broadway actress. They find out when watching a bootleg copy of les mis an see a young Rachel singing. They also discover a tape of Rachel in spring awakening that shocks them. It was multi chapter fic there was 25 chapters.

Anyone know who the author is? if they changed their username? or changed the name of the fic and what happened to this fic? Is it archived anywhere else? Cause I was on Chapter 20 when it was deleted.

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Looking for episode related, Kurt specific fic.

Hi, I'm looking for a fic from Kurt's perspective. This might be a little vague but here goes. I think it might start from when he's young through season 2. I believe it was 6 chapters in length and complete. I remember one specific scene after Kurt performs Le Jazz Hot where Sam tells Kurt that it's good that he didn't perform with him cuz he wouldn't have been able to keep up which frustrates Kurt because Sam just doesn't get it. It also has Finn being a total douche. I can't remember the name, or where it was posted exactly, but i know it was either on Kurt_blaine or FFN. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!