April 12th, 2011

Burt and Kurt are important crime witness(es?) and have to hide away from home

I think it was somewhere on livejournal; only Carole and Blaine know Hummels are alive. Burt doesn't contact Carole because he wants her to move on, Blaine and Kurt are exchanging lots of letters via one of federal agents. I remember Kurt was once panicking because he couldn't find one of Blaine's photos... Burt took it because on this photo was also Carole. Last thing I remember was that Kurt made a tape with his voice for Blaine and even the federal "postman"  agent wished they'll catch soon all involved crimilalists and our men will be able to go home... And Blaine is drinking a lot.
Rock, Scissors, Paper
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Carole answers a phone call, calls back and gives the caller a piece of her mind

Good evening everyone,

I'm looking for a fic in which the Hudsons are at the Hummels having supper, and before Kurt or Burt can answer the phone, Carole picks up. To her surprise, someone threatens Kurt, before hanging up. Without much thought, she redials the number, only to give the caller a piece of her mind, and how dare they say such things about 'her son'.

Thanks in advance,  -Tikaya

EDIT: It's been found! Link is in the comments.