April 11th, 2011

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Sick!Kurt or Sick!Blaine fics? Hurt/comfort

Hi guys!
I am looking for Klaine fics, where either of the guys is sick and the other ones takes care of him.
Preferebly its pre established Klaine, and the closeness, looking after each other makes them realise their feelings for each other.

By sick, I mean fever, cold etc, not cancer, AIDS etc! And no death plz. I just want teh klainy fluff, yes?
(I know DALTON has a scene like this btw)

I read a specific fic with this, where Klaine and The Warblers were having a LOTR marathon and Kurt came down with the fever....and Blaine realised his feelins for Kurt. Does anyone remember this and can give me a link?

ALSO, any other fics with this theme are HIGHLY appreciated!

Kurt dissapointed in his father

Looking for stories where Burt made something stupid and in this way hurt Kurt's feelings

(including that beautiful story where Kurt had birthday and hoped for banana pancakes but Burt forgot; I believe Carole found a week later birthday card from one of ND kids; anybody knows it?)

Preferably stories with lots of angst and guilty!Burt. Best thing if Kurt isn't so eager to forgive (but not necessary). Thank you in advance!

Found by amazing lkgator19, links in comments. Feel free to add more! :)

Puck and Kurt in nurse's office, pre-glee?

Looking for a story: possible oneshot, Puck's POV. He goes to nurse's office to get a nap durring classes. Kurt is there, looking very upset. Puck is slightly annoyed, sice "gay kid" got cookies and he haven't. Soon Puck wants to cheer Kurt up and tells him a story about that funny day when he locked a kid in closet (?). Kurt tells him he was that kid (ooops...). At the end Puck get to know why Kurt is here: his dad died.

I'm pretty sure story was written before season 2, before any spoilers about Burt's health problems...