April 10th, 2011

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Puck/Kurt mpreg in the 18/19 century

I'm  looking  for  a  Puck/Kurt  that  I  think  was  rated  NC-17. It  was  mpreg  and  was  set  in  the  past. Maybe  18/19  century. Kurt  wore  dresses  and  went  to  a  special  school  where  he  learned  how  to  be  a  proper  husband  and  Puck  had  a  farm  and  Rachel's  dads  owned  a  shop  in  the  town. I  really  hope  someone  knows  what  I'm  on  about. thanks  for  the  help :D

Klaine canon-based fics

Hi, I've been reading "Someday You Will Be Loved" by Keitorin Asthore and "Connect the Dots" by smuftoes on fanfiction.net, and I'm really interested in finding more fics covering and filling in the actual canon episodes the way they do.

Can anyone recommend me good fics written about the Never Been Kissed first meeting, Teenage Dream, and the talk afterwards?

Fics that involve the Breadstix scene from The Substitute?

The "bi" argument in Blame It On The Alcohol?


Blaine lied about being gay

As above, story follows canon with added Blaine's awful thoughts about obviously-in-love Kurt. Asshole!Blaine, I also remeber whole WIGYA was performed in order to make Kurt loose interest in Blaine, in fact Jeremiah is older brother/cousin of one of Dalton boys.