April 5th, 2011

benedict cumberbatch

Puckurt: Kurt helping Puck get back at his abusive ex.

 *waves* I'm here again.
So I'm looking for this specific fic in which Puck's in a band with Finn and Sam and they play at a gay club. Puck just got out of an abusive relationship with a guy called Justin,  I think. Blaine dragged Kurt to the same bar.
Puck started singing accusing songs at Justin and when he tried to escape, Lauren held him in place. Puck then spotted Kurt looking absolutely adorable and asked him to play along. Puck started singing to Kurt and Kurt acted like his new boy-toy.
After they finished playing the first half or something Puck called the audience horny bastards or something. Sam told them to stop hitting on the drummer (Finn) because he was straight. Someone asked Sam "what about you?" & Sam actually enjoys all the attention.
I think Puck sang a song called Blue Eyes or something to Kurt.
They left together after the show.
Thanks so much in advance!

Angsty Kurt w/ Insensitive Blaine Recs


Okay now I;m looking for fics where Blaine ignores Kurt's feelings in favor of inferior suitors. Kurt either mopes and/or "moves on" with the help of Finn/Puck/Random Warbler ect. I'd prefer fics with happyendings, at least for Kurrt anyway.

Kurt singing classical music to prove a point to Rachel

I'm not sure whether this is fic or a filling of a prompt at some meme journal. The plot is that Rachel wants to go to Juliard and thinks that Broadway songs are good enough to audition. Kurt tells her it's not. She has to include something classical and then tells her that some of her favourite show tunes are not classics. In the end he performs some French or Italian song from a opera I think. I'm not sure about the title of the opera or the song. I just know that someone was impressed about his performance, I think it was Mr Schue. Maybe Kurt's dad and Rachel's dads are also present, but again, I'm not sure about that. I don't think it was a particular long story. I just wish I could remember where I found it the first time.

It's not Nerves on Fanfiction.net or Bravi on Fanfiction.net. They're great, but those are not the right fics.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Edit: It's been found, link can be found in the comments.