April 2nd, 2011

recorded abused!Kurt

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is at Warbler practice and Wes and David are looking at the New Directions old performances and they come across Jacobs website and find a link of videos where Kurt is caught on camera being abuse repeatedly and they freak out, Kurt acts like it's no big deal. Hope that helps!!!

found!!! link in comments...

Puck and Kurt get together through friendship and a diner

I feel like I read it at the angst meme, but I'm not completely sure.

Set in Season 1, Kurt is depressed at how well Finn and Burt are getting along, so he avoids Burt and heads over to the Lima infamous "best diner," where he sees Puck working in the back. Puck and Kurt hang out more, becoming awesome friends while Puck gets Kurt to hang out with the football team. Kurt now has things to do with his time, what with Puck, the football team and his girls, so he doesn't mind that he's not spending time with his dad as much. Eventually Puck tells Kurt he likes him.

-I remember that Kurt was a really really fast eater, and he ate all the time, except in front of the girls because they were jealous.
-They eat at the diner a lot, and it's all home-cooked meals, like fried chicken, omlettes Puck made himself, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.
-Kurt invites the team over for a movie night, where they scarf on food while Burt watches on with bemusement.
-It's a very food-oriented fic.

Hopefully I tagged everything correctly?

Found! Look in comments