March 31st, 2011

Merlin's underwear!

Dalton measuring fic

 So I'm looking for a fic I read quite some time ago. I think that Kurt's just gotten into Dalton and he find out about... an annual measuring contest, I think. If I remember correctly he and Blaine are dating in this fic. 
Apparently there's a wall that records the biggest erection at the School for honour, or something. Kurt ends up joining the measuring. 

Ring any bells? 

smudge, Smudge

Rachel runs to Mike?Matt? after bullied - specific fic search

I think I read this fic on In the fic, Rachel was in the computer lab, I think, and Karofsky assaults her or tries to? She gets away and asks either Mike or Matt for help after running into them in the hall. I think that Jacob Ben Israel caught the whole thing on camera and then put it up on his blog. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Glee girls

Artie-Kurt search and Puck post-Juvie search

Two very unrelated searches for recs:

1.) So Artie was in a bad car accident when he was eight. Kurt's mother died when he was eight. Are there any fics out there where Kurt's mother was driving the car that hit the Abram's car? (Or Burt was driving, it just happened that Kurt's mom was the one killed?)

2.) Puck post-juvie: are there any good recovery fics out there where Puck was raped in juvie? I'm much more interested in the recovery process than the actual act, although I don't have issues with reading rape scenes. Preferably non-pairing oriented, ideally with Artie friendship.


Karofsky-centric, Kurt in hospital

I'm looking for a fic, I think it was oneshot: Kurt was beaten by Karofsky (reason was Kurt's pink sweater?) and he's in coma. News about bullying in MK reached national TV. Sue revealed in public Dave's name, so next time he opens his Facebook he has lots of hateful messages. Lawyer employed by his father tells to not respons, but it's too late. I also remember during the case they want to use Kurt's protest about "spiritual week" against Kurt. Somewhere in the end Jacob ben Israel comes to TV and shows video of Karofsky beating Kurt saying he was afraid to show it before. Karofsky goes to jail.