March 23rd, 2011


This is my first post so I hope to do well UU

Directions is forced to go to a demonstration travez while on their way to regional or national (can not remember very well) but kurt is stabbed in the way, is a really short one-shot can not remember the title or author so that would be really grateful if anyone knows.

General fic recs: Kurt with another Warbler/Dalton student.

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any fics where Kurt gets involved with someone other than Blaine while at Dalton (either a Warbler or another Dalton student) I don't mind if it's temporary (long enough for Blaine to realise he's jealous and madly in love) or more permanent. I just really like the idea of someone else actually recognising how unique and awesome Kurt is and going for him when Blaine is in his annoying just-friends phase.
Any recs would be very very appreciated!
Cheers xx

Klaine fic: 1950/60s at Dalton.

Read this amazing WIP which I forgot to bookmark and now can't find. It's set in the 50s or 60s. Kurt moves to Dalton academy and meet Blaine. In case there are more than one type of story like this this one involved Kurt rooming with Sam and singing Over the Rainbow for his warbler audition. Help I'm dying to check for an update!  ^^
BJ kiss

The Hudmels moving in new home and Kurt upset about his mom's dresser?


I'm looking for this fic, I'm pretty sure it's quite recent (and maybe just a chapter of a longer fic). All I can remember is that the Hudmels finally move in a new house but Kurt for whatever reason is not present for the move. He is upset because he thinks that they throw his mom's old dresser away but when he goes to his new room he finds it there. Finn enters behind him and explains that he is the one who suggested they put it there because he remembered what Kut told him about it (how he would sometime open all the drawers to smell her perfume)
Please, help!