March 20th, 2011


Olympics AU Puck/Kurt

I was on the Puckurt community and found a prompt for a fic where Kurt is a professional ice-skater and Puck is a hokey player and they meet at the Olympics. In the comment msrubyroo said that there are lots of fics where Sue is a trainer, both of them are competing in the olympics and so on and now I was wondering if someone could rec me fics where Kurt is an ice-skater or Puck is or Puck is a hockey player. Where they both are professionals players in some sports, they're both at the Olympics or where Sue is a trainer or anything like these. Puckurt only please! Thank you!
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Rachel/Quinn with friend!Puck?

I've been increasingly falling in love with Rachel/Quinn, but I'm apprehensive about finding fics. Mostly because Puck is my favorite character and I don't want to see him be written like an ass.

I'd love if you guys could rec me some Faberry fics where Puck is a friend to them. Either where he helps them get together or he's just cool. I'd like if he could play some kind of part in the storyline. I love angst and am its whore, but it's not a requirement. I'm kinda just craving Faberry. Haha.

Though I also wouldn't say no to some threesome fics. ;)

Thanks in advance!

Puck/Kurt Kurt/Blaine jealous love triangle?

I'm looking for any stories where either Puck is jealous of Kurt with Blaine or Blaine is jealous of Kurt with Puck. PLease no cheating/open relationships, I would like it to go from one pairing to the other. I don't care about the ending paring so long as it one of them. Oh if its not against the rules can I also ask for a jealous Blaine, only. Hopefully without an est, rekation ship

(Silently hoping for the right tags)
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2 Puck/Kurt fic search: Kurt wears a letter jacket and mechanic!Kurt

Looking for a fic where Kurt wears only a letter jacket and shorts shorts to surprise Puck in the bedroom. I only remember that it was smutty and written when fandom was still newish.

Second fic is Puck finding out that Kurt helps his father out in the garage and knows his way around an engine despite looking the way he does. Puck's floored. Found! It's Noah Puckerman Goes Crazy by TheBrain2010

Still looking for the first, PWP fic though!
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RPF - Chris injury while filming 'Mattress'

I just watched the Behind the Scenes of the episode Mattress, and it is mentioned that Chris sustained a bit of a neck injury while trying to do a backflip. Nothing serious, but it made me wonder if there was any fics out there who wrote about that?

If anyone has any other good RPF fanfictions with Chris and some hurt/comfort, don't hesitate to rec anyway! ;P

fic - preSeason2, Puck and Quinn dealing with the aftermath of giving up their baby

Hello! I'm looking for a fic based before season two (no Sam, no Blaine, probably written before season two started) about Puck and Quinn giving up their baby. It's told mostly from Puck's perspective (though still in third person POV) and is not dialogue heavy. Quinn drinks to deal with her problems. She shows up to school drunk, but the teachers ignore it because they know why she's upset.

I'm sorry if that sounds like a lot of different Puck/Quinn fics out there, but there's a specific one I've been trying to find on-and-off for the past few months.

Please help? :) Thank you!

LF specific Blaine being able to see the future fic

 Hi everyone!

Looking for a specific fic in which Blaine is able to see the future. There was a scene where he finds out his uncle has the same gift, and teaches Blaine how to read tarot cards - and because Blaine is too slow at being able to read them, he fails to properly warn his uncle that the plane he's going to be on is going to crash.

There's also a scene where the Warblers are driving somewhere and Blaine tells them to stop the car - they do it, confused, but then they become horrified when a car that was driving next to them gets hit by an 18 wheeler truck running a red light. Blaine promptly vomits.

I believe there was some Klaine in it, as well... there was a scene where it showed Blaine properly timing his meeting with Kurt at the staircase, because he knew he was going to be there.

If anyone can find it, it would be really awesome... thanks in advance!