March 15th, 2011

mouse [comp] freedom

Kurt auditioning for the start of Give up the Funk

I'm looking for a gen fic where Mr Shue is trying to figure out who's going to sing the entry of Give up the Funk. He doesn't consider Kurt, but Kurt asks to audition. Everyone is really surprised he can even sing that low, because he usually sings in his higher register. I don't think it was a long fic and there was no pairing, but I just can't remember what the title is or where I can find it.

I'm not sure whether this one would be considered episode related, but I'll add that tag just to be on the safe side.

Found => See comments

Puck/Rachel summer fic

This was a multi-part story that was incomplete when I started reading it. Puck worked in a garage over the summer and also joined a band with some OCs. Rachel unofficially became their manager. I remember the headings of the parts of the story were by month.

Puckurt/ abuse fic.

I don't really remember it that well it's been awhile.
Puck is in love with Kurt but doesn't want to admit it. They have a secret relationship, Puck is abusive towards Kurt and I remember something about him liking to see the bruises he causes on Kurt. 
I need to find it please!