March 13th, 2011

Specific Klaine; Blaine transfers

I remember reading this fic some time ago in which Kurt and Blaine transferred to McKinley, I believe it was in the Kurt/Blaine community but I'm not sure. It was very bittersweet and melancholy; Kurt and Blaine's relationship didn't end up going so well, and eventually Blaine transferred back to Dalton because he wasn't strong enough to handle the "real world." It was also short; only one piece, and it may have even been classified as a drabble

Like the extremely intelligent person I am, I forgot to bookmark it, and now I really want to read it again, so any help you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated! ^_^

Specific Klaine; Klaine in different colleges

I remember reading this fic some time ago in which Kurt and Blaine decide not to say what college they choose to not influence each other, but in the end, without knowing, the two choose neighboring colleges. I'm sure it's pretty long. I remember a scene in which Blaine visits Kurt to surprise him and the girl's dormitory doesn't want to let him visit at the beginning. I know that's little info, but I'm going crazy trying to remember the title! Thanks! ^^
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Fic recs dealing with the bullying at McKinley - Kurt.

 So, I'm looking for fics dealing with the bullying Kurt faced at McKinley, and the effects it's had on him. Also Blaine and the Warblers finding out. PTSD... basically anything past hurt!Kurt related. Maybe he jumps when he hears a locker slam or refuses to walk by dumpsters or freaks when people crowd him. 

Kurt/Blaine if any pairings occur. Mentions of eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts/attempts would be great. Also, mentions of Trevor Project. 

All recs appreciated! 
glee finders by debris_k

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Klaine H/C wip story

I lost a wip story. It was Pre-klaine. Blaine had been raped by his french teacher and had tried to call Kurt. Burt answered instead and went and got Blaine. He took him to the hospital and then took him home to take care of him. Dalton didn't believe Blaine about being raped and the last chapter was about Blaine's dad showing up and being a a-hole who didn't believe Blaine. I think it was at the glee_angst_meme, but I'm not sure.


thanks sinkwriter!