March 4th, 2011

Kurt/Puck Faithfully

I read a fic awhile ago that had Kurt and Puck singing Faithfully at Regionals, I think because Rachel and Finn got in a fight right before and she refused to sing it. Anyone know where it is/what it is?
Thanks in advance!

LF Blaine/Kurt

I'm looking for more than one fic, because I can swear that I've seen more than one like this in the past.

I'm basically looking for any fic/fics wherein Blaine or Kurt starts off thinking the other is too much of a gentleman/angel whatever to really do anything, and basically either come out and say it, or the other finds out and sex happens as an end result.

The one that stands out in memory that I can't find is a fic in which Kurt after transferring to Dalton-I think-thinks Blaine is too much of a gentleman to actually have sex with him, and finally comes out and says it. 

I've seen several like that, so any help with either that particular fic or anything like it would be great.
nightwing, dick grayson

Kurt Gets Shot?

Hey, I'm looking for a fic I read a few weeks ago and CANNOT find again. Kurt is a Cheerio and when he is performing, some bullied students bust in and shoot Kurt, causing him to continually sing exerts from like 20 different songs. Pretty sure it's Puck/Kurt.