February 18th, 2011


Puck/Kurt WWII AU

Hey All,

So was wondering if anyone remembers a WWII AU whose main pairing was Puck/Kurt. As far as I remember Kurt was in London and Puck was a pilot? I think there was also a sequel. If anyone could help i'll love you forever cause at the moment I think i'm going crazy or blind as I've been back through the Puck/Kurt archive like three times.


P.S. Mods if the tagging is wrong just let me know as it's the first time I've posted here

Found in Comments

Kurt, thighs carved with slurs

I'm looking for a Kurt-centric fic, maybe Puckurt pre-slash with the other New Directions members.

I can't remember much, but I think ND were together, maybe drinking, having a party at Kurt's house. Kurt had carved his thighs with names he'd been called (fag, etc.) and showed the group. There are over thirty names/slurs and Puck apologises because he's been the cause for most of them, directly or indirectly.

Thank you for any help and hopefully this time I got the tags right.

Kurt/Blaine, Body Image Issues

 Hi, I'm searching for a Klaine fic I read a while ago.

What I remember about it is that Kurt is boarding at Dalton and has to use the communal showers, which he doesn't want because he is afraid of anyone seeing him naked.

Blaine helps him overcome his issues by showering with him (or something).


I hope someone can help me find this.

Thanks :-)

P.S. Mods, I hope the tags are right.

*found: "the mirror's distortion" by pyroclastic (link in comments)