February 15th, 2011

Companion joke

Looking for a Warblers Fic

I'm looking for a fic were canon Wes finds out about the bullying etc. and takes Kurt to his mother who is a doctor because he has muscular bruising. At one point he presumes Burt is abusing Kurt. I think only part 1 is up.

FOUND: http://community.livejournal.com/kurt_blaine/738262.html

Thank you

Looking for Facebook themed fics? :)

Ohai, I'm looking for one fic in particular and maybe some general recs?
I read a couple fics the other day in a Facebook-style setting and one in particular was really funny. Basically it consisted of Blaine, Kurt, Jesse, and Dave (Karofsky) in some strange-yet-awesome FB relationship. And then Puck joined in at the end lol. If anyone can help me find that one I would appreciate it.
And since that one was so funny, I was wondering if somebody could point me in the direction of any other FB type fics? Kurt is my favorite (I like Klaine and Kurtofsky ;D) so anything revolving around him would be awesome.

Thank you so much!!

(Yikes, sorry if I got a little tag crazy *sheepish*)

FOUND: http://spoileralert1.livejournal.com/15748.html :D!!
Odd angles.

Looking for Kurt/Blaine sexting fic!

 I can't seem to find this one fic again.

Finn borrows Kurt's phone for something without Kurt knowing and sees an incoming sext from Blaine, and immediately thinks that Kurt is being stalked by some pervert. Cue awkward discussion. That's all I remember, but I'd love to find it again! 

Edit: Found in comments! 

Kurt/Blaine Fic: Kurt dates other Dalton boys

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a fic that has Kurt dating various Dalton boys, one of whom is known as a player. I think the guy brags about having sex with Kurt when Kurt walks into the room and makes a sarcastic comment about he wouldn't sleep with the guy. During this David and Wes are trying to make Blaine see that despite what their friend says Kurt is just his type.