February 9th, 2011

Looking for a Kurt/Blaine story

Hey guys I read this story a while ago but I'm not sure if its on fanfiction.net or the kurt_blaine community. The story is about the warblers not knowing who Finn is so everyone is assuming that he's Kurt's boyfriend.
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AU with Possessed!Kurt

A little while ago I read what I believe was a fusion fic with Supernatural, but I've never actually watched that show so I can't be sure. Kurt was possessed by a demon for a while without anyone noticing, he manages to corner the Glee club in the choir room. Puck for some reason knows how to deal with this, so he's the one who has to protect everyone from Kurt. He calls Burt to come help him exorcise the demon, who laughs at the idea because apparently his presence is the only thing keeping Kurt together. As soon as he leaves the body, all of the damage he inflicted on Kurt but healed will reappear.

I believe this was a WIP when I read it, but I can't be sure. I can't remember if there was a pairing (if there is one, it was probably Puck/Kurt but it might have been gen too).

Any help to find this is greatly appreciated!

Puck/Kurt, mpreg, POV of Quinn


I search for a Puckurt-Fic where Kurt is pregnant and everything is describe through Quinn. I know there is a scene where she is hurt because Puck finds Kurt beautiful but she was ugly for him as she was pregnant.

Hope someone know this fic because it really drive me crazy...

Thanks in advance,

Looking for Puck/Kurt fic with Vampire Kurt

Hello all;

I read a Puck/Kurt fic several months back, probably in the Puckurt Lj community. The setup was that in the summer between seasons 1 and 2 Kurt had been made a vampire. IN the first chapter he rescues Puck from being shot by a mugger, taking several bullets himself. The sotry continues with Kurt acting as a masked vigilante known as the "lima Leopard" at night, and pretending to be a normal human teenager by day. Meanwhile, puck's getting involved with the Leopard and starting to put the pieces together. I didn't bookmark it back then, and it's killing me now, so if anyone knows what I'm talking about I'd love a link. Thanks!